Watching those lovebirds made me miss you even more tonight. Sigh. As silly and childish as it may seem, I do miss you, wanting to know how your life is going.

It’s been six months since I last saw any of your updates, well except the one where you lost your patient(I hope you are fine now). Sometimes, I totally forgot about you. Sometimes, I wonder how is it going over there. And sometimes I just missed you, like today.

I watched a kdrama nowadays called Jealousy Incarnate. The female lead once had 3 years long crush on the male lead. When she had moved on, it’s his turn to realized he had fell in love with her, starting his own one-sided love.

If my life is a kdrama, I would be a minor character, probably a convenient store cashier or a part-timer in a coffee shop where the male lead is a regular, having a crush on him which will never have any chance to be reciprocated.

I’m jealous of her, that woman. Pyo Na-ri.

38 days till home after a year and 22 days

1. I haven’t started packing my stuffs. They are collecting the boxes this Sunday for shipment. Mak told me to just give all the clothes and books to Geetha. Nooooo! I LAFF MY BOOKS! Plus it’s not THAT many. I have brought back all those heavy, hardcover textbooks last time I went home and when my parents were here. The books I have here can fit a medium sized box (about the size of a microwave oven). There are friends whom have mountains of books. Mine is considered featherweight yunno.

2. My drama slump is in a critical condition. It’s on life support machine. Teet..teet..teet..teet..

3. I think my myopia has worsened. My eye strains even when I put my specs on. I had tear duct infection 2 weeks ago. The ophthalmologist put me on antibiotics for 3 days. I need to visit an optometrist today.

4. I have 16 days of extension in PHD department. I can either die of boredom or breaking my neck while trying to sleep in various uncomfortable positions.

5. The girls in front of me are discussing about makeup products.

6. I have multiple plans in my head on what to do during the upcoming long vacation. I want to do something, anything that can keep me busy. I want to enroll in sewing class. I want to work at tuition centre. I want to apply for a research assistant position at any university (even though my qualification is not suitable). But.. but.. working will not give me a flexible time, I need to help Mak preparing Adik’s upcoming wedding.

Maybe I should just watch Long Vacation instead.

7. My umbrella broke juuuuussst when monsoon is almoooooost over. Sigh. I will not buy a new one. I’ll just pray it’s not raining when I need to be outside.

8. I can’t wait to see my little niece! She was just a year and half the last time I saw her. I’m basically a stranger to her now.

9. I want tempe. I miss tempe.

10. The end.