There was one time when I was an intern, an old patient came to the clinic.

The patient complained of pain on his lower left jaw.

On examination, he had already lost all of his teeth on both upper and lower arch.

I told my teacher about it and he instructed the patient to be immediately referred and sent to the hospital.


On the first day of 2016

I discovered that I’m not fit to be a Paedodontist. My impatient streaks explodes everytime I’m dealing with kids. I lose my patience easily with kids. (I don’t shout or raise my voice, basically I just give up on them, I just stop trying)

So, it’s better for me to stay far away from kids rather than being that one “evil dentist”.

Minor surgery

I assisted Dr I in odontectomy of third molar on a young patient this evening.

I’m in dilemma.

I was planning to get all of my third molars removed within this month.

There are four of them.

And all of them are deeply embedded in the bone.

Now I don’t feel like getting them extracted.

Can tooth fairy give me like a thousand dollar?

Part 2

Alhamdulillah. All praises for Allah, I passed my part 2 exam. It was unexpectedly early for the result to come out, less than a week since the last paper. It came out 2 days ago, on Monday.

Now I have 1 paper left. Can’t wait to go home next Wednesday!


Done with the clinical exam for OMFS. It was great! It was my first time doing root stump extraction actually, a mesial root of 36 and distal and mesial roots of 37. I have no problem extracting 36 but the real challenge are 37 roots.

I was getting nervous as one by one of my friends have done with their extraction and chair-side viva. I couldn’t get a proper grip, the forceps keep slipping and blood started pooling on the floor of the mouth.

Then Savil maam came to my place and told me to use periosteal elevator to elevate the root instead of using the forceps. And it works after a few tries! Alhamdulillah!

The external examiner is nice. So as the internal, my favourite Dharnappa sir. He remembers my name today! That’s sweet, given that almost no teacher knows my name except Dr Supriya, my orthodontist.

And the best part was when our favourite PG, PK wished me all the best today. Yes, he wished me, only me harharhar. And i’m grinning like a fool now. Lol.