Sometimes I wonder if I’m not meant to be loved.

I wonder why people refused.

Am I bad?

Is my personality too nasty?

Am I not pretty? (Probably yes to this)

I thought I was so broken-hearted before, another rejection won’t break me.

Turns out my heart has an endless capacity to break.


A child

A friend send a photo from her diary entry. The date was 6th June 2011. The entry is the name of our future daughter.

I laughed out loud, oh boy, the memories. I asked her if I can upload the photo on IG, just for fun, and she allowed me to do so. 

When I was typing the caption, realization hits me.

I would probably will never have a chance to have a kid, let alone a daughter.


That is just how I feel.

Falling in love is difficult enough for me.

But everytime I did, it is always the wrong guy.

To love again

Finally it happened.

But to be honest, it is scary to even think about it.

Spending 10 years of my precious youth in unrequited love have tought me something, 

never love more than you love yourself.

I’m older and wiser.

I can differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Between happening in my head and happening in front of me.

Sure, fantasy can bring happiness but it has the limit.

The line has to be drawn early.

Before I fell again in misery.

To have the ability to love again is a bless.

But now I know where the dream ends.

Hot summer

This place is so hot.

My skin colour now is 2 tones darker.

Nowadays I looked like one of those people who wears thick make up but forgot to put some of those foundation on their hands as well.

It’s probably the right time to buy a new bedak.

17th June 2017

I got a job. Finally.

I’m working in a coastal town in East Malaysia. Resuming life as an anak dagang after approximately 7 and half months. Far away from my family.

I had an argument with Mak when I chose to work in this state. I know she is worried because;

1) like all mothers in the world, she’s worried the daughter is staying far away,

2) and the said daughter is moving out AGAIN after studying abroad for 6 years (plus 2 years in prep college+2 years in boarding school)

3) the daughter is still unmarried, so chances are, she has to remain there for an unknown period of time unless she resigned,

4) she really hoped I will settle down in my hometown, which I definitely will, but don’t know when.

I do feel guilty for making her worried. I have always been since I called her, crying and confessing I skipped Dental Material exam some 7 years ago. I have always feel like I’m a failure, the black sheep in the family.

Now I’m adjusting to working life and this city. So far, it’s good. 

I’m hoping this new life in this new place will bring a new meaning for myself.