Watching those lovebirds made me miss you even more tonight. Sigh. As silly and childish as it may seem, I do miss you, wanting to know how your life is going.

It’s been six months since I last saw any of your updates, well except the one where you lost your patient(I hope you are fine now). Sometimes, I totally forgot about you. Sometimes, I wonder how is it going over there. And sometimes I just missed you, like today.

I watched a kdrama nowadays called Jealousy Incarnate. The female lead once had 3 years long crush on the male lead. When she had moved on, it’s his turn to realized he had fell in love with her, starting his own one-sided love.

If my life is a kdrama, I would be a minor character, probably a convenient store cashier or a part-timer in a coffee shop where the male lead is a regular, having a crush on him which will never have any chance to be reciprocated.

I’m jealous of her, that woman. Pyo Na-ri.