Coincidence? I wish not

So, one night, last week I was bored to death. I have no mood to watch dramas or reading novels. My favourite websites (Dramabeans junkie here) have no latest updates.

I scrolled Instagram, seeing and wondering why there are so many pretty ladies, why babies are cute, why everyone is getting married, why my crush didn’t update his Insta, if he posts a photo within the next 24 hours he is so gonna marry me hahahahaha you silly that’s totally not gonna happen even if you live for another 1000 years (yeah, I gave up on that idea, getting my heart broken for the last 10 years is enough, I have accepted that he will never return my feeeeelsss).

And yeap, within the next 6 hours or so, he did! I woke up next morning, laughing out loud (real LOL-ing). It was too funny.

So I told the story to my friend during clinic hours while my silly heart secretly wishing the same will happen again in the next 24 hours. And Brain, ever the reasonable one, chided Heart for the nonsense idea, afraid I will ended up feeling down if it doesn’t come true. And that night went as usual, I had forgotten Heart’s wish.

The next day, after my morning rituals, I checked my social medias and there he was, an update on Instagram.

I’m not sure, should I laugh or should I cry? It was too good to be true. I feel like life was playing some kind of cruel joke on me.

I realized this was all useless, this should be over by now, I should have put everything behind on the day he rejected me 6 years ago. My brother had once told me, it’s over once a guy told you he didn’t see you as a woman, he never will.

So, today I have decided to put an end to my 10 years obsession. I unfollowed him on social medias. I may regret this some day but I know I will be okay, like I’d been for the past decade.

And to you, S, if you ever read this post (which I doubt you will), goodbye and live well. I know one day you will be a great doctor.

I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. But life ain’t Notting Hill, and I’m not Anna Scott nor you are the handsome Will Thacker.

So, yeah.