Being vegetarian

I had undergone laparoscopy procedure last week. The hardest thing about undergoing surgery was the guilty feeling for making my friends taking care of me because my family was a thousand miles away from me (actually it is more I AM a thousand miles away from them).

The surgery went well even though it took a bit longer than expected. It was supposed to be a simple 30 minutes procedure but apparently the appendix bursts during surgery and they had to do aggresive clean up- so it took around 2 hours instead. I was under general anaesthesia the whole time.

The most unforgettable moment was few hours after the surgery, I had a very painful angina (thankfully it was on the right side). The doctors were baffled due to the fact that I complained more of chest and shoulder pain instead of on the abdomen during my stay in post-operative ward (I was in the ward for 28 hours-24 hours longer than they initially expected).

I was discharged 3 days after the surgery. Dr. M told me to adhere to a strict, no spicy food allowed, vegetarian diet until I’m fully recovered. So, the second hardest thing about undergoing surgery was to stick to the diet: non-spicy, and in your face vegetarian diet. I don’t have anything toward vegetarians, hell I don’t care if you choose to eat rock. It’s just that I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian. An advocate of meat for life.

So, being a vegetarian was very difficult for me.

A day after I was discharged, I started dreaming of eating a big sausage. Dream as in the dream while I’m sleeping. For real. It was weird because I don’t eat sausages (or any kind of heavily processed and salty meat).

The next day, I dream of eating steak. A bouncy, soft, melt in your mouth, medium-rare steak. A big one. And many more dreams following that.

And now I started craving for fried chicken. A crispy, juicy fried chicken with garlic-mayo dip. Oh! And sweet and spicy chicken wings too! Very spicy!

I miss chilli peppers on top of my rice.

First world problems.


Shooting stars

I saw meteor shower last night.

In my dream.

It was amazing. Breathtaking. Even if it was just a dream.

Maybe because I saw the early morning sky yesterday, clear and pretty which is unusual these days. I saw a lot of stars, the Orion belt, the only constellation I know.

Since thousands of years, people had been mesmerized by the night sky. It is a shame millions, or maybe billions of humans nowadays were unable to see its beauty, including myself.

Someday, somehow I wish to see Milky Way with my own eyes, for real, not in dreams.