How selfie saves my dear life

I love taking selfie. Not a solo selfie though, usually with two or more of my friends. I was even dubbed as Selfie Queen by my friends due to my ability to squeeze everyone in the frame and a stable hand to take wefie selfie. But to be fair to myself and my own reputation (haha), I very rarely uploaded those selfies on social medias, only on special ocassions.

Prostho posting will end in a few days so we decided to throw the end-posting party today. Party is a tad too strong word actually-HA. More like a small gathering with some foods with the staffs, nurses, receptionists, technicians and postgrad seniors.

It was our first time having an end-posting party. It is a tradition among the interns in this college whenever they are finishing the posting in each departments. We (more like ‘they’ actually because I’m a senior and I’m a lazy senior hehe) bought some snacks, chips, a cake and soft drinks.

They served the foods on the plate, poured the drinks and arranged them on the table. We took a few photos before calling all the staffs. Apparently we are supposed to call in the teachers first before anyone else. The teachers from Light House were unable to join us because they are busy attending patients.

So my friend-Miss J- went to call them. Then, she came into the room and said, “Dr U is busy scolding the third years, he’ll come later.”  Not long after that, Dr T and Dr M came into the room and along with five of us-the interns- stood around the table. The table is near the door. The room itself is not big, maybe around 10 by 10.

The situation suddenly turned vvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyy damn awkward. And I don’t know what the hell happened, the girls, one by one suddenly went out of the room-maybe trying to call the nurses. And then, there was me and Miss J left standing in the room with the teachers.

While my head was still trying to processed what just happened and how to carry out the situation so it won’t nosedive into worse than awkward territory, Miss J suddenly went out and left me alone with the teachers! 

My brain freezed and went, WHATTTT????????


“Sir, let’s take selfie,” while flashing my sweetest and cutest smile. Dr T and Dr M as usual, are so cool and we took a selfie together. A few seconds later, the girls came back into the room. All these happened in less than 30 seconds.

Oh, God! I can die from the awkwardness.


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