The side effect of being older

Life is good. A bit boring sometimes when there is no case in the clinic (which covers most of the time) but overall is quite good. Not great. Just good.

I’ve became a morning person. I’ve always been a morning person but not THIS kind of morning person. I woke up between 5.30 to 6 am (since the last 3 4 days or so I woke up even earlier around 4.50 am). I make a habit of not sleeping again after waking up unlike during my student days.

Maybe it is hormonal, or a side effect of being older but I find it is actually satisfying to wake up early. There is this feeling or sense of achievement everytime I wake up early in the morning haha.

I really love the chilly morning air passing through when I opened the window in the morning. A whole lot better than the night air.

My friends always asked me what did i do in the morning. It depends on days or my mood. Usually I’ll just watch TV series or anime, or just surfing the net. Sometimes I’ll cook simple meals for lunch (I bring lunch box if I’m posted at Attavar Hospital; I’m a bit frugal nowadays).

At 7 or so, I’ll prepare a simple breakfast, usually 2 slices of toast with honey, fried egg and a mug of coffee with milk. After having breakfast, I’ll take a shower, offered mid-morning prayer and went to work around 8.20am.

The funny thing about being a morning person is that nobody actually really believed that I’m a morning person especially my family and Mak. Well, I wouldn’t blame Mak though; I don’t know why I always woke up late whenever I’m home-even after the suppossed jet leg has long ceased.

Jet lag is always the best excuse culprit.


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