See food

I went to a favourite local eatery with a friend the other day for lunch. It is a small shop on the third floor of the building, just opposite of our main campus/hospital. Its fresh fried fishes and chicken ghee roast are to die for. Seriously I’m salivating right now. The crunchiness of semolina-coated grouper-like fish, the soft and delicious white flesh is heaven (I don’t know the english name and google doesn’t help either).

Living in a coastal town and one of the country’s major fishing port(and trading port) to boot, there are abundant of sea products sold at a cheaper price. Of course, you have to go to the Fish market to get the good price which I rarely did nowadays due to time constraint. I usually bought from the supermarket which costs a bit more and not really the freshest you can get.

I went to the port once and it’s even cheaper there! But then I need to wake up early in the morning and the port was so crowded with fishermen and fishmongers, so that might be the first and the last time. Or maybe I will go there once again next year with Ayah to show him of what he called “life”. Hehe.

Last year, I discovered the deliciousness of tonguefish. And have you ever seen parrot fish? They are so beautiful I wonder how people can eat them! But on the other hand, I do want to try it once. Parrot fish is rarely available here, I had only seen the fish a few times at the supermarket plus it is quite expensive.

Anyway, my target for my final one year in this country is to try every single type of fishes here including the nasty looking Bombay Duck. Some of them are not available in my hometown, as they were deep-sea fishes. I do regret for not doing this earlier; fishes are quite expensive yunno(compared to poultry) and I am a bit financially-challenged right now haha.

Author’s note: It was Eid and we were at my aunt’s. My parents told them about my seafood fried rice incident a few days earlier. We were a bit sick and tired due to endless stream of guests on the first and second day of Eid. Me and Mak gave up cooking for dinner so, we randomly went to a newly opened restaurant because the usual warung is closed. I ordered seafood fried rice and what I found was shocking four small slices of squid. Four slices. It was not even a whole squid. And at a totally unreasonable price! With the same price, I can get a whole lot better seafood fried rice at another warung. Sigh. Dishonest people are everywhere. Anyway, my cousin’s husband pointed out, “That was totally seafood yunno. See food. See the food.” He was right. Btw, such a long pointless note to justify the tittle, eh?


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