Happy birthday! You are 25 today. And it’s raining outside. Which is good. Because you love rain. Anyway, even though life is pretty much uneventful for the first 20 years (except those bullying bits), you have survived 5 years of dental school, twice major depressions, two years of suicidal thoughts and hallucinations, twice major failure which leads to a year of school extension, 10 years of one-sided love and 5 years of heartbreak during these past 5 years or so.

But fret not! You had learned to ride bicycle when you were six. You had a pretty good childhood friends (even though they turned upon you during later years but that’s okay), you knew how to ride a motorcycle at 12. At 13 you did ortho treatment which later many of people had praised your smile (just last week a nurse at the department had told that you have a nice smile).

At 16, you joined school choir by accident, but it had turned into one of the best moments in your life. The next year, the team competed in national level choir competition after winning the state level. The team did not win but it was truly an amazing experience.Your SPM result turned out quite good, 10 straight As (8A1, 2A2 darn add maths and EST).

During 18, you’ve met the most wonderful group of people and it changed your outlook in life (pretty much you turned a bit meaner but it became handy later in life, so it’s still a good change). Those friends became your bestfriends, the best kind of bestfriends. At 19, you cleared A-level exams with 2A 1B. And at 20, you entered dental school.

It’s a bit downhill since then but hey! Remember! Those hardships and obstacles have moulded you, to be who you are now. You’ve been beat up and battered around by life, but you have survived. You are a survivor! And you’ve passed dental school in First Class (which given your failure records, nobody actually expected that haha). And you had fulfilled your mother’s wish.

Yes, from now on, even in 50 years, you can still wonder why peoples are so pretty and where the hell did they got those clothes and shoes from. Just remember, be grateful for everything. And live well.

Living well does not equate living happily. Living well is experiencing every bad and good things life can offer. Living well is appreciating every single blessings bestowed upon us. Living well is fighting every single obstacles in front of us. Living well is tasting the bitterness and sweetness of life.

Living well is a way to live.

So, Husna, live well 🙂


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