[SS] A young teacher

She stared at him. He was standing by the pillar, holding a denture on his right hand and the trimmer on the other. The piercing sound of the trimmer filled the clinic. Helping a junior student perhaps, she thought to herself.

It took her back in time when her parents told her about high school during their time. There were a lot of young, single, both male and female teachers. Some of them were so popular among the students, having tonnes of admirers. Many of them ended up marrying their own student(after they finished high school of course).

She found it somehow amusing when she remembered her own high school days. Literally none of the male teachers are single. She didn’t even had any crush on the teachers, because all of them were old and married.

She looked at him again. He walked to the patient, denture on his right hand, wearing his usual smile.

She smiled, and continued reading.


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