[SS] The Tail of Three Monkeys: Part 2

It was around the 900th day when she-monkey finally got in touch with she-monkey regularly. That was after she bought a new The Brick That Can’t Kill Dogs. The new brick was slimmer, lighter and equipped with high technology too! She-monkey used both Whats application and Vi number as a mean to connect with monkeys around the world. But actually, she-monkey preferred Vi number over Whats application eventhough the later is more famous and widely used than the former. Vi number has cute stickers, and she-monkey loves stickers.

Both she-monkeys were busy with schools. But once in a month or two, regularly, she-monkeys will texted each other, updating about life or new stories about crushes or simply saying hi because they missed each other.

One day, she-monkey asked she-monkey to buy her a Board With Black And White Keys (BWBAWK) because the BWBAWK is relatively cheaper in Hanuman Nation compared to in their homeland. Apparently, she-monkey has started learning to play BWBAWK and she-monkey wanted to buy one because, well, she wants one. Until today, she-monkey still wondered if her friend still plays BWBAWK; she-monkey often forget to ask.

Anyway, after about 1000 days being apart, she-monkeys met during the end of the year holiday. She-monkey went back to the motherland for the holiday, and she-monkey visited she-monkey at The Northern Point of The Southern Territory. The reason for the visit was because she-monkey couldn’t deliver BWBAWK via post because of its bulky size; the cost would be too high. So, she-monkey came to pick up instead.

She-monkey is very happy to finally see the dear friend after so long. It is actually hard to meet during those times because she-monkeys live far apart even in the homeland. Believe it or not, BWBAWK is actually the reason that brought them together after a thousand days.

Around 365 days before this story is written, she-monkey finally moved to The Central. So, whenever she-monkey came back for holiday and is around The Central, they will try to arrange a meeting; it usually ended as failure mainly due to time constraint and transportation problem(she-monkey of The Northern Point of The Southern Territory has license but can’t drive).

Eventhough she-monkeys rarely had chance to meet, she-monkey realized that she is lucky to have she-monkey as friend. A loyal, fun and nonjudgmental friend. She-monkey is the only friend(there was another friend but more on that later) that she-monkey can be completely comfortable with, baring weaknesses and flaws, showing the hidden side of personality. In short, being her monkey self.

She-monkey hopes this friendship will last a lifetime.

To be continued…


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