[SS] The Tail of Three Monkeys: Part 1

Once upon a time, in a far far away land, there lived three monkeys; a he-monkey and two she-monkeys. They met during their late-teen years in an Orchard of Lore. Due to their similar quirky nature, they fast becoming bestfriends.

Almost every night, they hung out together at the Wise Man Hall, studying, but mostly cracking jokes and bantering. When the Wise Man Hall working hour ended for the day, they proceed to the Orange Fruits Haven, having their late night supper. The day was wrapped with the he-monkey ushered the she-monkeys back to their den.

Like in any books, the blissful days chapter has to come to an end. They have to move on with their life, with the new mission of searching for the Degree of Knowledge. They went on separate ways, a she-monkey travels to the east coast to learn to fuse living tissues and machines; the other she-monkey and he-monkey flew in the Torpedo With Wings to a destination over the sea, the Hanuman Nation. The she-monkey learned to drill the hardest substance in higher apes body while he-monkey learned the Power of Healing.

Due to lack of high technology (Hanuman Nation she-monkey used The Brick That Can Kill Dogs), the she-monkeys rarely in touch with each other during the early years. She-monkey and he-monkeys hung out together especially on end of week day, where they had their breakfast at the Hall of Five Tiny Prawns. There, is where she-monkey learned that bread, cheese and strawberry jam is the best breakfast combo ever. Sometimes they played Captain Ball with other monkeys from their motherland.

After the first 365 days, both she-monkey and he-monkey have to move out from the Nurture Tree. They went in search for a new home and found the Citadel of Ancient Greek Tree on a hill. They live on different branches with he-monkey on the higher branch, the window overlooking the beautiful Erythraean Sea.

Time passed by and for some reason, he-monkey had to leave the nation for good. She-monkey bade he-monkey goodbye at the root of the Citadel of Ancient Greek Tree, watching he-monkey riding a white cab into the sunrise. She-monkey cried so hard later that day, for losing yet another friend.

to be continued…


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