The sandwich club

Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.

It’s showering outside. A typical monsoon day here in this coastal town. I can’t stand the chill. I’m recovering from cold. Had fever yesterday. However, recovering from cold and had fever yesterday actually has nothing to do with my ability to stand the cold weather. Even on a hot sunny day, my body seems not liking lower temperature very much. 26 degree aircond is my limit. Anything lower, I will lose my nose the next day. Because it’s running.

God, I’m so funny.

The quote has been circulating on the net for quite some time but it never really truly hits me until Mak sent us Ayah’s photo a few days ago. I knew my parents have, well, some unfavourable, mainly age-related health conditions based on their health check up results last month. Nothing life-threatening, but you see, the thing is, when you are used to seeing your healthy father working around the house, suddenly having to carry around a… bag, it does breaks your heart.

All these while, I was completely absorbed with my life, lost in self-made grief without any regards of my parents feeling. I forgot my parents have their own lives too. I forgot they have to take care of themselves too on top of worrying about their own parents and this troublesome daughter. I forgot they are not as strong as they used to. 

I should have paid more attention to them. No, I WILL pay more attention to them. To be more attentive. To be more thoughtful. To do more chores. To make them happy in every little thing possible in any way. To pray for them even more.

To be healthy and taking a good care of myself so I will not make them worry anymore.

They are planning on a surgery. It’s a minor one. Currently they are surveying hospitals around KL and Kajang, so it’s closer to my sisters’ place. 

Club Sandwich is delish. But when they are your parents, it’s not as good anymore. Be a pizza base to their topping, to carry and ease their burden, because we are young, healthy and strong. Plus, anything pizza is better.

Author’s note: I love lame jokes. The only lame jokes I won’t laugh at is Abang’s. His is the lamest of the lames, no joke.


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