Darya Alexandrovna

I just started picking up new old hobby; reading. Since the last 3, 4 years or so, for some reasons, I lost interest in reading good classical novels which I used to love.

Hence, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. A (very) thick book with small font mind you. Just a few pages into, a line had caught my attention.

She kept saying she would leave him, yet she felt it was impossible, because she could not get out of the habit of considering him her husband and of loving him. 

This reminds me of the conversation we had about a week ago. I can’t exactly remember the details but it is basically about a wife that took her cheating husband back into her life.

Mak told me how it is a woman’s nature, always giving second, third, fourth, fifth or how many more chances, I don’t know. For many reasons- maybe out of love, or for the kids, or pity and so on, which many of us-the bystanders- especially an unmarried woman like me were unable to comprehend.

I always have this mindset; once caught, forever unforgiven. But I guess being in love or having kids makes everything different altogether. You have a lot of things or issues to be considered before deciding on separation(or not). Based on my personal observation, I can’t help but to agree with Mak; most women are very soft-hearted, readily forgiving their partner even when he broke her heart for the thousandth times.


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