Old habits die hard

And that habit is missing you.


[SS] A young teacher

She stared at him. He was standing by the pillar, holding a denture on his right hand and the trimmer on the other. The piercing sound of the trimmer filled the clinic. Helping a junior student perhaps, she thought to herself.

It took her back in time when her parents told her about high school during their time. There were a lot of young, single, both male and female teachers. Some of them were so popular among the students, having tonnes of admirers. Many of them ended up marrying their own student(after they finished high school of course).

She found it somehow amusing when she remembered her own high school days. Literally none of the male teachers are single. She didn’t even had any crush on the teachers, because all of them were old and married.

She looked at him again. He walked to the patient, denture on his right hand, wearing his usual smile.

She smiled, and continued reading.

Anna Karerina: A quarter into and a rant

Disclaimer: This is not a book review. I’m just sharing my rants experiences, feelings and thoughts on the characters and their actions. I’m a dentist. I don’t analyze books.

Good, was my first impression on the book. As far as I can remember, this one of the few books that can draw me into its world, watching scenes unfolding, conversations being spoken and characters animating inside my head. Imagining every single thing, the expressions, the gestures and the picturesque winter and spring in Russia.

For the record, I’ve already knew the plot beforehand. But I’m still reading it because, why not? Reading is a way of understanding(or not) without actually experiencing the events. Of course, being and living the moment is the best but you don’t want a cheating spouse aren’t you?

Anna is an insufferable idiot.

That’s it.

I’m a conservative. And I try my best to adhere to my faith, my religion. And proud to be one. As proud as a liberalist being a liberal. An atheist embracing atheism. I strongly against adultery. Not only from a conservative and religion point of view, but also as a mere human being, as a woman.

Feelings are unique. Love especially. We can’t choose to fall in love. It is similar to death. We don’t know who and when. We just fall in love and die. But as a human, we were given a talent called choosing, to choose how to act upon the discovered feelings. To choose to live honourably and die as one.

Anna was experiencing love for maybe the first time in her life. I do believe she loved her husband, Karenin, but it’s a platonic kind of love, out of respect for her husband, as a father of her son. Not the heart thumping, world spinning, butterflies flying, fire burning, intoxicating you should see a doctor kind of love, as she did with I hate you Vronsky.

It’s not a sin to fall in love. A sin depends on how you act upon the feeling. Anna chose to follow her heart, consumed with passion, blinded by love and… cheated on her husband. Her refusal, faking nonchalance and ignoring Karenin when he tried to talk about her and Vronsky led to her own decadence.

As a retired relationship amateur, I believe communication and honesty are the fundamental, the basics of relationships. Anna was a strong woman. If she weren’t, she wouldn’t dare to have an affair at the first place. She went against the social norm during her time. However, she failed to be honest to her husband, to leave him and her son, to ask for divorce(she would later on). It’s like eating in a diner, eat first, pay later(bad analogy I know, but who cares?).

I understand, making decision to split is hard. But she’s having an affair anyway. It doesn’t make sense. Anyone, either a man or a woman, whether married or in a relationship, cheating is an utterly atrocious unforgivable disgusting behaviour. If it involves sex, it’s another level disgusting. Personally, I think if you found somebody else you love apart from your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, and you think you can’t live without that someone new, physically and emotionally, let your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend go. (Karenin refused to divorce later but that’s a different issue).

But of course, without Anna and adultery, this book won’t be Anna Karenina at the first place. There are many other themes and messages in the novel but I’m not going to touch on those. Maybe next time. Maybe. Or maybe not.

To be honest, I’m having a hard time now. Yesterday, I spent 10 minutes staring at the book, contemplating whether to continue reading or not. The book is good, no doubt. But I can’t stand reading Anna’s part. The only thing that kept my interest with the book is Levin.

On the other hand, I’m cheering for Levin, the Konstantin not his brother. Sigh. I’m a sucker for unrequited love stories.

[SS] The Tail of Three Monkeys: Part 2

It was around the 900th day when she-monkey finally got in touch with she-monkey regularly. That was after she bought a new The Brick That Can’t Kill Dogs. The new brick was slimmer, lighter and equipped with high technology too! She-monkey used both Whats application and Vi number as a mean to connect with monkeys around the world. But actually, she-monkey preferred Vi number over Whats application eventhough the later is more famous and widely used than the former. Vi number has cute stickers, and she-monkey loves stickers.

Both she-monkeys were busy with schools. But once in a month or two, regularly, she-monkeys will texted each other, updating about life or new stories about crushes or simply saying hi because they missed each other.

One day, she-monkey asked she-monkey to buy her a Board With Black And White Keys (BWBAWK) because the BWBAWK is relatively cheaper in Hanuman Nation compared to in their homeland. Apparently, she-monkey has started learning to play BWBAWK and she-monkey wanted to buy one because, well, she wants one. Until today, she-monkey still wondered if her friend still plays BWBAWK; she-monkey often forget to ask.

Anyway, after about 1000 days being apart, she-monkeys met during the end of the year holiday. She-monkey went back to the motherland for the holiday, and she-monkey visited she-monkey at The Northern Point of The Southern Territory. The reason for the visit was because she-monkey couldn’t deliver BWBAWK via post because of its bulky size; the cost would be too high. So, she-monkey came to pick up instead.

She-monkey is very happy to finally see the dear friend after so long. It is actually hard to meet during those times because she-monkeys live far apart even in the homeland. Believe it or not, BWBAWK is actually the reason that brought them together after a thousand days.

Around 365 days before this story is written, she-monkey finally moved to The Central. So, whenever she-monkey came back for holiday and is around The Central, they will try to arrange a meeting; it usually ended as failure mainly due to time constraint and transportation problem(she-monkey of The Northern Point of The Southern Territory has license but can’t drive).

Eventhough she-monkeys rarely had chance to meet, she-monkey realized that she is lucky to have she-monkey as friend. A loyal, fun and nonjudgmental friend. She-monkey is the only friend(there was another friend but more on that later) that she-monkey can be completely comfortable with, baring weaknesses and flaws, showing the hidden side of personality. In short, being her monkey self.

She-monkey hopes this friendship will last a lifetime.

To be continued…