A friend

2015-03-22 18.52.37

She is so hilarious! The last sentence is sooooo #dramamelayu.

It reminds me of our time during prep college. We would create our own little drama out of nothing. Tricking another friend just by making eye contacts. As if we can read each other’s minds.

Studying and sleeping in the library. We would wait in front of the door every night before it opened so we can “chop” our favourite table. We would give a not-so death-glare to those who took our table. Giving signal if the crush is there. Sneaking in food. Listening to Stay by Estrella.

Going out on the weekend. Watching Ip Man, thinking it was a superhero movie, because yunno… Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Ip Man…

Good old days.

Love you friend 🙂


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