La Petite Pantoufle de verre

Have courage, and be kind.


A story of rags to riches. From the hearth to the palace. A breathtaking story of love at the first sight. A dance that sealed the hearts. Fairy godmother, pumpkin carriage, glass slippers and a beautiful blue gown. A fairytale loved by every girl, envied by every woman.

That is what Cinderella is about, by a larger picture.

But many failed to notice a very important theme in the story, Cinderella is also a tale of abuse. A story of a young lady being treated like a servant, bordering on slavery in her own house by her “family”. Let’s not talk about Aschenputtel in Brothers Grimm’s version in which her own father did nothing to stop the humiliation.

Many of us at some point of our lives have experienced abuse in a way or another. And it is an absolutely horrible experience, affecting the victim mentally, emotionally and in some cases physically.

Me myself was a victim of bullying during primary and lower secondary school. It was nothing like the bullying in US tv film we watched during school holiday or Christmas break. It was no Big Falcon picking on Little Magpie.

It was subtle.

It was subtle but hurtful. It was subtle but devastating. It was subtle but has made me a person with low self esteem. Never had confidence with my look, my own face, my own skin. I didn’t even know my true skin colour until I reached adulthood. True story.

But worst, it was done by person very close to me. Friends. The closest friends. The (ex)bestfriends.

I was too young, too naive maybe. And a little too optimistic.

I never dare to think they would hurt me. I didn’t even realized they were mocking me. They were ostracizing me. I was isolated in a crowd full of “innocent children”.

My story may seemed ridiculous (it’s not that I wrote the full story pun haha), a grain of salt against the other victims who had experienced the worst by a gazillion light years-my heart goes out to them. However, none of these should have happened at the first place. Not even the “very mild and subtle” one.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Even a kid. And being a kid doesn’t mean they can be excused for their improper behaviour.

One day in the future, I will tell and teach my children what the Mother had told little Ella.

Have courage, be kind. And be strong. Mentally and physically. Emotionally.

Btw, the blue dress in the film is GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS! What kind of blue is it again? Ocean? Ice? Sky?

Author’s confession note: The author speaks no French. The only French she knew are bonjour, moi, oui and merci.


A friend

2015-03-22 18.52.37

She is so hilarious! The last sentence is sooooo #dramamelayu.

It reminds me of our time during prep college. We would create our own little drama out of nothing. Tricking another friend just by making eye contacts. As if we can read each other’s minds.

Studying and sleeping in the library. We would wait in front of the door every night before it opened so we can “chop” our favourite table. We would give a not-so death-glare to those who took our table. Giving signal if the crush is there. Sneaking in food. Listening to Stay by Estrella.

Going out on the weekend. Watching Ip Man, thinking it was a superhero movie, because yunno… Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Ip Man…

Good old days.

Love you friend 🙂

A fool’s love

My heart hurts for both EL and Kyra. Noble idiocy; ruining relationships since the existance of feelings.

What is love anyway? It hits me that all these years, for almost 10 years I have never actually loved someone. Hogu said, a one-sided love isn’t love. If those 10 years wasn’t actually love, so, what is love anyway?

I’m a fool trying to love. That’s for sure.


It’s been a month since the day that I’m supposed to start working as an intern. Honestly, watching them donning the black and red robe made my heart cry. It was a beautiful day and everybody looks great.

I’m refraining myself from social medias these days. Maybe I should take a heartpill.