Done with the clinical exam for OMFS. It was great! It was my first time doing root stump extraction actually, a mesial root of 36 and distal and mesial roots of 37. I have no problem extracting 36 but the real challenge are 37 roots.

I was getting nervous as one by one of my friends have done with their extraction and chair-side viva. I couldn’t get a proper grip, the forceps keep slipping and blood started pooling on the floor of the mouth.

Then Savil maam came to my place and told me to use periosteal elevator to elevate the root instead of using the forceps. And it works after a few tries! Alhamdulillah!

The external examiner is nice. So as the internal, my favourite Dharnappa sir. He remembers my name today! That’s sweet, given that almost no teacher knows my name except Dr Supriya, my orthodontist.

And the best part was when our favourite PG, PK wished me all the best today. Yes, he wished me, only me harharhar. And i’m grinning like a fool now. Lol.


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