Brain is weird indeed. I’ve watched a video by AsapScience on youtube. It’s about the drug that can erase bad memories. The drug targets specific protein responsible for making that memory, as in the new connections between the neurons.

At the end of the video, he asked, if you’re given a forgetting pill, would you take it?

Yes, I will, definitely. This memory isn’t particularly bad. It’s just overwhelming. It’s consuming. And i’m tired of getting tired of this memory.


Doing the thinking

…is hard. So many things have bothered me. Like a lot. Studies, friendship, relationship, my faith to the organization, old crush, former classmate in highschool, former housemate during college, former schoolmates.

It feels like i’m the only one stuck at this place, in this moment. Being stagnant since the past 5 years. Life is like a wheel, they said. Sometimes you are at the top, sometimes you are down at the bottom.

But for me, it’s a bottomless pit. An endless fall. Without a root for me to grasp, to hold on, to save my dear life. The Alice that has been tricked by The White Rabbit. An Alice without the Wonderland.